Harpist in a Tree

Harpist in a Tree is a project that combines my love of music and my love of the outdoors.

In the spring of 2018 I was recording music videos for my 1 million views celebration event. In my attempt to find a good location to record "The Legend of Ashitaka" I ended up up a tree in my backyard:

I posted this on social media with the tagline of "Excuse me, did you know you have a harpist in your yard??" - I found the idea of a harpist in a tree irresistibly delightful.

Growing up I spent so much of my time outside. And recently, as I've found a passion for landscape photography, I've once again been spending lots of time in nature and reconnecting with how good that makes me feel.

And so Harpist in a Tree was born. This will be an on-going series of music videos, filmed outdoors. While the first official video (my arrangement of Vivaldi's "Autumn") was filmed in a tree, not all of the videos will literally have a harpist in a tree. But they will all have the same combination of nature and music and my hope is that, as well as being beautiful to watch and to listen to, they will help inspire people to spend time outdoors (hey, perhaps even with a harp, or up a tree...!)

Watch the livestream announcement event!

New Episode!

Mini episode and unboxing:

Episode one:

Or you can watch individually the three music released as part of episode one:

The sheet music for my arrangement of Vivaldi's Autumn, suitable for a 25 string lever harp with F levers, is available at my online store.

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